Century Umbrella Corp Terms Of Service

1. Service Refund Policy

Century Umbrella Corp offers a 7 day refund policy for our game server hosting, Web hosting. Any refund requests made outside of this hour refund policy, credit will be given to the clients account. Services we don't offer refunds for: - We do not offer refunds for any addon(s) - We do not offer refunds for renewals under any circumstance. - We do not offer refunds for any services in our Singapore location - We do not offer refunds for any upgrades - We do not offer refunds for dedicated servers - We do not offer refunds for virtual private servers - We do not offer refunds for account services - We do not offer refunds for any domain registrations - We do not offer refunds for Web services - We do not offer refunds for any Loans - We do not offer refunds for any Damage - We do not offer refunds for any Loss of Wages - Payments that have been made to add funds to a clients account You accept any request for a refund request made outside of the first hours of the service purchase date to be under our discretion. It is also up to Century Umbrella Corp's discretion whether a refund will be given under any circumstance. When cancelling a service with us, it is your responsibility to cancel any paypal subscription you have tied with that service. Termination Fee can be decided upon Century Umbrella Corp Representative. Failure to do so will result in overpayments which will be assigned to your credit balance. Overpayments are not refundable. It is also the customer's responsibility to cancel their service before the due date if they do not wish to be charged or billed for it. Any refund requests must be made through a ticket submitted through the client area under the "Billing Department", cancellation requests are not refund requests.

2. Renewing Your Service

Century Umbrella Corp accepts payments via Century Pay - PayPal - Zelle. All Century Umbrella Corp service renewal invoices are automatically generated 7 days before they are due. You will receive an email with the invoice. It is your responsibility to renew your server. If your server has not been renewed 7 days after the due date, the service will be terminated and will remove any files related to the service. Signing up for a service with Century Umbrella Corp, you give us your full permission to automatically bill your account each billing date. Failure to Renew for a Service on Time If you fail to pay for your service on time, your service will be suspended after two days the invoice is due, after 7 days your service will be terminated. Century Umbrella Corp will not be held responsible if the customer fails to pay on time and we terminate their server along with their data. Any invoice that is overdue, an additional 30% fee will be added to the invoice. Your invoice will be overdue after 1 day of the server renew date.

3. Failure to Renew for a Service on Time

For shared hosting services a cancellation request can be made any time from the billing area without needing to provide notice. For VPS and dedicated server hosting a cancellation request must be made 14 days before your service is up for renewal. Failure to make the cancellation request before 14 days, your service will automatically be renewed without opportunity for a refund. When purchasing a VPS or dedicated server you agree to give the correct cancellation notice period when canceling your server. This allows a smooth transition when making your server available for sale again. Century Umbrella Corp will not be held responsible if you accidently create a cancellation request, and your files are deleted.

4. Disputing / Chargeback

We ask all of our customers to kindly contact us before disputing a payment either through PayPal or your bank. This is because once a dispute has been created, the service will automatically be suspended and later terminated if the case isn't resolved. Any attempt(s) to de-fraud Century Umbrella Corp will be taken very seriously and will be investigated. Any Dispute of any Service is Considered fraudulent dispute there are no refunds after 1 Hour.

5. Server Setup Time

Century Umbrella Corp does not guarantee instant setup, but we do try to provide as close as instant setup as possible. For shared hosting, you accept that in some rare instances it may take up to 24 hours, depending on the amount of traffic we're receiving, or if any issues occur in the automated setup process. Your billing will not start until your service has been set up.

6. Server performance and uptime

We aim to provide 100% uptime on all services, but that is not always the case. On the rare occasion, we may need to perform vital maintenance on your server, we will inform you 24 hours minimum before this maintenance takes place. If your server keeps crashing and is due to a third party application this can't be used as leverage to gain compensation.

7. Resource Limits

Century Umbrella Corp will only limit your service to what you pay for. For VPS Hosting we will limit it to what you pay for such as RAM or CPU. For web hosting customers, bandwidth/disk space is limited as shown on the package you order. Please note, game servers and game VPS's are limited to 500mbps network speeds.

8. Fair Usage

Network speeds may not always be guaranteed due to the amount of traffic your service may be receiving or sending. Advertised speeds are what your service can utilise "upto". For example, if we advertise "500Mbps Bandwidth", this means your service can utilise upto 500 Mbps.

9. Data loss

Century Umbrella Corp will not be held responsible for backing up customers data unless the client has configured backups using our panel for their services.

10. Copyright Policy/Rulings

Any use of any of our services to infringe copyright or trademark law is unacceptable. If you're found to be infringing copyright or trademark law from a service provided through us we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your service without warning. This includes using nulled or cracked versions of any form on our services. If you're found to be reusing or reproducing any of Century Umbrella Corp's work, you will be banned from any and all services including Century Umbrella Corp's website. This includes any graphic design, or website code.

11. Liability

Century LLC will not be held responsible for payments/donations that are received in exchange for goods on a customers server. By purchasing a service you remove all liability from Century LLC in regards to customer service, payments and disputes relating to goods sold from an Century Umbrella Corp service. This includes Century LINK, CENTURY TECH, CENTURY CTS, NXCR ASSET HOLDINGS AND QUE LLC, GSP PARTNERS, GSP GLOBAL AND ANY OTHER COPERATIONS THAT ARE UNDER THE CHAIN OF CENUTRY LLC, if a Law Suit is filed you agree that we will not file as a Company but as an indivisual for our companys protection all payments will be delagated to the respected partys in accordance with the (f)(1) A plaintiff in a civil proceeding pursuant to subdivision (a), may proceed using a pseudonym, such as John Doe, Jane Doe, or something of the nature, for the true name of the plaintiff and may exclude or redact from all pleadings and documents filed in the action other identifying characteristics of the plaintiff. Alias that may be used, Conner Attom Carter, John Cocks, Danials Bryer, Century LLC, GSP Global, NXCR Assets, Diona Swift, J Halstead, Commonwealth Business Bank, Century Link and all suits directed from them in accordance with Century LLC NXCR Assets & Global & CBB will be delegated from current Chief Executive officer of Century. If any legal proceedings are filed in accordance with Payments, Damage, Illegal Activity you legally forfit your right and agree to make payment in the full amount of your legal suit regargless of legal proceedings.

12. Affiliates

Affiliates must be an approved partner before affiliate payouts can be paid out to their paypal or bank account. If an affiliate is not an approved partner, their affiliate payouts will be limited to credit balance. You should not abuse your affiliate account by purchasing a service under another account to earn commission.

13. Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy By purchasing a service with Century Umbrella Corp you agree not to utilise our services for anything threatening, hateful, vulgar, obscene, profane, or which breaches any US law. If a service is found to be breaching our Acceptable Use Policy, the client will have 24-hours to resolve it. If the situation is not resolved within the 24-hour timeframe, the service will be suspended until further notice. Examples of unacceptable uses of our services include, but not limited to: - Hosting copyrighted content without approval - Fraudulent activities - Any Banking nature - Network/Computer scanning or attack software - Hosting racist, hateful or harassing content - GRE Tunnels for remote DDoS Protection - Betting/Gambling sites - Hosting computer viruses/malicious software - SPAM of any nature - Digital currency mining - Any proxy scripts - Any Vehicle nature Please note that if a client has utilized our services for any illegal purposes, the appropriate authorities will be contacted. Century Umbrella Corp reserves the right to refuse any refund request for any services which have been found to breach our Acceptable Use Policy. We Century Umbrella Corp reserves the right not to accept a return. It's the customer's responsibility to verify they want the product before Submitting an ORDER for the product!. We do not accept returns on items that are shipped. We accept returns on Services items only for 3 Days after that there are no Returns.

14. Terms of Service Updates

Century Umbrella Corp reserves the right to change or alter our terms or policies at any time without notifying any of our customers. It's the customer's responsibility to check regularly for updates or changes. By Submitting a payment you agree to Century Umbrella Corp TOS.